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Group Activities

We prioritize your workforse's needs by fully preparing your team to adapt to changing economic fluctations.
We work extensively with your team focusing on specific company-related areas, as well as encouraging collaboration to gain fresh perspectives on the task at hand.
Koleoso Associates's group training will uplift and motivate your team to be a powerhouse for your business with the sole intent of growing your business and maximizing revenue.
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How we offer Training

Communicate over ZOOM calls
As we know, Covid-19 has forced many restrictions upon us and with that we must adapt to the current events taking place. We offer our training sessions over ZOOM Video Chat for the duration of the Covid-19 restrictions.
Visit you in person
We do offer In-Person meeting, if proper safety measures are in place and health protocols are followed. You may contact us to discuss possible In-person meetings if necessary.
Webinars at your convenience
Koleoso has the ability to set up and host a Webinar for your team where we can present our information and learning tools directly to your team. We will have a open time for any questions or further explanation on any of our teaching points.