Public Policy

We deliver a practical framework for analysis using a smart, methodical, and resolute approach to theory and data driven innovation.


  • Identify policy problems.
  • Then, we analyze the core causes.
  • Design viable policy solutions.
  • Implement, and examine proposed hypothesis.
  • Test this hypothesis with assessment.
  • Refine that hypothesis through constant checking and feedback.
We utilize data and research to strengthen Indigenous affluence and welfare by confirming that the needs and interests of Indigenous businesses educate policy and programs at all levels of government. The purposes are to enhance access to procurement, access to new and existing markets, and access to funding for Indigenous businesses and entities.
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Procurement is the means of acquiring supplies and essential services. We utilize research and policy to identify the bottleneck and opportunities for Indigenous enterprises. This incorporates procurement from all levels of government, commercial companies, and Indigenous entities. Discover how we can support Indigenous entrepreneurs and businesses with the right tools, and training. Ultimately, strengthen your business through corporation and government, and enhance Indigenous procurement costing and supply chain to sustain your business growth.


Access to funding refers to the process of acquiring financial services. We identify obstacles and opportunities to increase access to funding for Indigenous Nations, businesses, and entities.