Reconciliation Quotes

“For public servants, what's important is to understand, when the government makes a commitment like they have done to the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples or to establishing a Nation–to–Nation relationship… Understanding what that means and what that means to government policy, government actions and government programs is very key” (Sinclair, 2017).

Path towards reconciliation – The Honourable Murray Sinclair (Former Senator).

“Canada’s journey towards equality, respect, and justice is measured by the wide gaps that exists between the health and well-being of Indigenous Peoples” (Moran, 2015).

Indigenous Peoples Atlas of Canada

"I want to ask you to get comfortable with discomfort. If Canadians want reconciliation, they can’t turn away" (Wente, 2016).

Banff Centre Truth and Reconciliation – Jesse Wente, Journalist and Broadcaster.

"Sitting in corners wringing hands and wondering what to do is not going to advance anything, including yourself. Read the calls to action, and as you go through them one at a time ask yourself: do I belong in this call?" (Wilson, 2016).

Words of Wisdom – Dr. Marie Wilson, Truth, and Reconciliation Commissioner.


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