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Public Service and Procurement Canada: Equitable Procurement & Partnership Agreements (Buyandsell.gc.ca) used to create more opportunities for Indigenous businesses to succeed and grow by creating a new target to have at least 5% of the public procurement in Canada awarded to businesses managed and led by Indigenous Peoples.


Public procurement in Canada (federal, provincial, municipal) represents approximately $200 billion in annual economic activity. Of this, federal spending averages $22 billion per year.


Creation of a 5% target in procurement Indigenous business. (2023, 5 10). Retrieved from Public Service and Procurement Canada: link

Standing Committee on Indigenous and Northern Affairs: June 19, 2020. (2023, 5 10). Indigenous Business. Retrieved from Public Service & Procurement Canada: link


Ecological, social and economic environmental sustainability is the key to longevity in your business. We create a detailed and unique long term plan on how your business will last a lifetime, we develop strategies that will not only be beneficial to your short term goals but your long term goals as well. By analyzing the market and competitors we understand how your consumers will think and we can penetrate the market and integrate any changes we may see fit for your business needs.
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