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Koleoso Associates is a multi-dimensional consulting firm with a goal to enhance business value, longevity and maximize revenue for your business.
Working closely with you allows us to identify the areas of concern for your business and how we can implement improvements to fit your needs.
We offer a wide variety of services including business, marketing and operational advisory strategies, corporate, professional and entrepreneurship training at all levels regardless of company size.
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Benefits for Sponsors

Sponsorship plays a key role in helping us work together in strengthening the Aboriginal economy across Canada. Many benefits include:
Increasing Corporate Social Responsibility mandates
Becoming supporters of Aboriginal enterprise
Driving economic reconciliation
Enhancing the community progressively with allied businesses

Our Mission

To support our stakeholders to drive transformation throughout their service-profit chain.


The next transformation of business thinking lies in the principle of shared value: creating economic value in a way that creates value for society by addressing its needs and challenges.
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Koleoso Associates is a multi-dimensional firm with a goal to enhance business value, and longevity and maximize revenue for your business. Additionally, eliminates your bottlenecks while boosting your organization's productivity.

The idea is that for a company to succeed the conditions in the regions where it operates the social and environmental conditions matter, and this contributes to its competitive advantage. For an economy to grow to be successful it needs a strong economic base. It needs competitive businesses.

The key shift around creating shared value is that it is about solving social problems that are related to the business.

Lecturer, Harvard University
Mark R. Kramer

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Professor, Harvard University
Michael E. Porter

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