Koleoso Associates is a multi-dimensional consulting firm with a goal to enhance business value, longevity and maximize revenue for your business.
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Mission Statement

To support our stakeholders to drive transformation throughout their service-profit chain.

Discovering, Enhancing & Delivering

Working closely with you allows us to identify the areas of concern for your business and how we can implement improvements to fit your needs. We offer a wide variety of services including business, marketing and operational advisory strategies, corporate, professional and entrepreneurship training at all levels regardless of company size.
If you have a new, or struggling business, you need to contact Koleoso Associates to discover new possibilities to drive your business to the top.
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Ecological, social and economic environmental sustainability is the key to longevity in your business. We create a detailed and unique long term plan on how your business will last a lifetime, we develop strategies that will not only be beneficial to your short term goals but your long term goals as well. By analyzing the market and competitors we understand how your consumers will think and we can penetrate the market and integrate any changes we may see fit for your business needs.
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